heartless bastards

Frontwoman Erika Wennerstrom bares her gritty, powerhouse voice to guitarist Mark Nathan’s haunting melodies, realizing the true sound of the Heartless Bastards

Listen to "Parted Ways" from Arrow:

With a band name like The Heartless Bastards, a new album titled Arrow, and a release date of Valentine’s Day, it actually kind of makes sense (in a slightly twisted way) when vocalist/guitarist Erika Wennerstrom mentions that the series of events leading up to now were kick-started by the end of her decade-long relationship with the drummer of her former band.

After the breakup, the Akron, Ohio-native wanted to transplant herself, deciding that the new place for her was the vibrant musical landscape of Austin, Texas. Naturally, a new Heartless Bastards formation was born there. Drummer Dave Colvin, who had played with Wennerstrom in a former band, happened to live in Austin. He and bassist Jesse Ebaugh had both played on Bastards’ early demos back in Ohio, so after running into Colvin, Wennestrom contacted Ebaugh. who agreed to move down to Austin from Ohio.

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