Joyce Manor on Green Day's "Brain Stew" & Nico's "These Days" | Hooked

See how this pair of foundational songs helped form these punk rocker's vibe (including a shining example with their track "The Jerk").

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Ida Mae's Chris Turpin on Richard Thompson's "The Calvary Cross" - Hooked

The country-blues rocker honors his musical upbringing with several callouts but singles out an "incredible piece of free-form, wild composition" with its odd bends and strange intervals.

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Propagandhi's Sulynn Hago On The Dead Kennedys' "Holiday In Cambodia" - Hooked

The punk-rocking ripper extensively details how East Bay Ray's "smacky, bouncy" delays, "sour" dissonant chords, and suspense-and-release playing sideswiped them into the guitar universe.