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Gibson rolls out a Jimi Hendrix guitar brand with three entry-level Strat-style packages

Note: As of 9/27, Gibson has removed the articles referenced in this story. We will keep you updated with any developments as we get them.

Last week, Gibson quietly announced the development of a line of guitars with Jimi Hendrix's sister Janie Hendrix, who manages the Authentic Hendrix brand. In Gibson's online story, they call the guitar, "an entirely new and unprecedented Jimi Hendrix guitar model designed by the Authentic Hendrix and Gibson." Photos and details have now been released for the guitar packages, and it is not necessarily "entirely new." Instead, the models represent Gibson's first foray into the S-style guitar.

The combination of Gibson, Authentic Hendrix and the Strat comes on the heels of a March 2009 United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board decision that denied Fender a trademark to the generic Tele, Strat and P-Bass body styles. The new Authentic Hendrix guitars feature a slightly sharper headstock.

Authentic Hendrix's press release, posted to Music Radar this morning, includes photos and descriptions of three entry-level packages that will be released under the Jimi Hendrix name. The packages range from $229 to $449 and include extras like a practice amp, gig bag, t-shirt and budget-level fuzz pedal.

In Gibson's interview with Janie, she said that, "This is just the tip of iceberg. We want to have a whole line of Jimi-inspired instruments." With a lukewarm (at best) reaction from most of the online community, we're wondering which direction they're planning on taking future models. Initial comments suggest that while budget packages may have shelf appeal for youngsters, Gibson might have a harder time turning experienced players on to a Gibson-produced S-style.

Here are the details on the guitar packages, via Music Radar's press release:

Jimi Hendrix "Experience" Electric Guitar Package is the ultimate tribute to the greatest guitarist who ever lived. The company has combed over historical details and taken the best from more than 100 years of guitar making so that every guitarist – from the beginner to the seasoned player – can find his or her inner Hendrix with this package. The "Experience" package will come with an official "Jimi Hendrix signature electric guitar" and all the necessary accessories and some fun extras including a Jimi Hendrix Signature "Voodoo Child" amplifier, a Foxey Fuzz pedal, a deluxe padded gig bag, an instructional DVD, an electronic tuner, two guitar cables, a Hendrix inspired strap, three picks and a USB drive containing exclusive Hendrix media content. In addition consumers will receive a Hendrix inspired tie-dyed tee-shirt and bandana. True to its name, this guitar package will give the music enthusiast the ultimate Hendrix experience. MSRP $449.99.

Jimi Hendrix "Signature" Electric Guitar Package: It's been almost 40 years since Jimi Hendrix's death but he has continued to assert his tremendous legacy with the six strings of his guitar. In recordings and film footage, his mesmerizing showmanship lives on. In a fitting tribute to the man who famously played right-handed guitars upside down, Gibson and Authentic Hendrix have announced the Jimi Hendrix Signature Electric Guitar Package.  Designed in close collaboration with Janie Hendrix and Gibson engineers. The package inherited the best features from Jimi's original equipment so that Hendrix fans the world over can enjoy a deluxe guitar package the way Jimi would have liked it. This package comes with a "Jimi Hendrix signature electric guitar and all the necessary accessories, a Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child amplifier, a deluxe padded gig bag, an instructional DVD, an electronic tuner, a guitar cable, a Hendrix inspired strap, three picks and a USB drive. MSRP $332.99 USD.

Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing" Electric Guitar Package Gibson engineers and Authentic Hendrix LLC designed this package with one question in mind: "What if the world's greatest guitarist was still alive today, what guitar would he want to play?" Combining the historical authenticity and more than 100 years of precision guitar making the launch of the Jimi "Little Wing" electric guitar package has been launched.  This "Jimi" guitar package is equipped with three Voodoo Child Inspired by Jimi Hendrix pickups and comes with the new 10-watt "Max Feedback" amplifier so that the musician is all set to recreate Hendrix's unearthly playing style. The package also comes with an instructional DVD, which includes detailed lessons and a walk through of the components of the entire guitar package. In addition consumers will receive a deluxe padded gig bag, a 10 foot guitar cable, a nylong strap with the Authentic Hendrix logo on it and three Authentic Hendrix guitar picks. MSRP $249.99 USD.
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