joel harrison

On Multiplicity, Harrison favored a PRS Hollowbody II that he bought several years ago. He says the semi-hollow with humbuckers and a piezo pickup is amazingly built and easy to play.

The avant guitarist travels through very different musical worlds on multiple releases this year, including a duet with Indian sarod master Anupam Shobhakar.

Joel Harrison frequently travels between Western and Eastern idioms—often with a Gibson Les Paul at hand. At the same time, Harrison uses his formal training in classical composition to realize his pieces using whatever nonstandard instrumentation it takes to get his message across.

At 57, Harrison has a long and deep history with the guitar. Like many of his generation he got into the instrument by listening to such prodigious rock players as Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix, and then delved into jazz and improvisation. He studied at Bard College under the great composer Joan Tower, graduating in 1980, and then rounded out his education with private lessons from Hindustani classical master Ali Akbar Khan and jazz guitar wizard Mick Goodrick, among other mentors.

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