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Behind the scenes footage reframes Cash

If you’re like me, Walk the Line messed up your head a little bit in the same way an Oliver Stone film can trick your brain into mixing embellished facts with the real ones. Not that the movie was panned for taking too many liberties, it’s just that after I saw it my knee-jerk mental recall for John and June Cash suddenly involved Joaquin Phoenix’s face and Reese Witherspoon’s humongous forehead. I needed to go back to some source material.

Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music is a refreshing look at not only who the real Johnny Cash was, but who he was as a man. There’s no narration, no plot and no hint of why the footage was edited together the way it was. There isn’t even an opening title for the DVD itself. After you push play you’re suddenly a fly on the wall -- experiencing ‘60s Cash performances from new angles, backstage encounters, visits with family and friends, a hunting expedition and much more.

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