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Shure adds to KSM series with two new ribbon models

Niles, IL (June 27, 2009) -- Shure has enhanced its esteemed KSM series of microphones with the addition of two new ribbon models, the KSM353 and KSM313. Both are premium ribbon microphones intended for capturing world-class vocal and instrumental performances, both in the studio and on stage.

The new KSM353 and KSM313 use a revolutionary patented ribbon material known as Roswellite, which offers a strong and resilient shape-memory. Shure says there is a general perception in the marketplace that ribbon microphones aren't durable enough to handle high SPL applications, but Roswellite ribbons were designed to counteract that perception. The Roswellite material is incredbily resilient, says Shure, which enables mics to be used in the studio as well as in high SPL applications. The company adds that the shape-memory of Roswellite ribbons enables microphones to withstand very high sound pressure levels over extended periods of time without damage. 

The models are hand-assembled and include a dual-voice ribbon, which enables users to choose from two different signature sounds. When addressing the front of the microphone, a warm, full sound is delivered, and when addressing the rear, the result is a bright, articulate sound.

Additional features include:
• 30 – 15,000 Hz frequency response
• Bidirectional polar pattern
• Custom-wound double-shielded transformer
• Mahogany storage case
• Monocle swivel stand mount (KSM313 only) 
• Spring-loaded suspension shock mount (KSM353 only)

Pricing and Availability:
• KSM353 Ribbon Microphone
Retail - $2695
MSRP - $3320
• KSM313 Ribbon Microphone
Retail - $1295
MSRP - $1560

The KSM353 and KSM313 Ribbon Microphones are now available and carry a two-year limited warranty.

For more info and a complete list of authorized dealers, visit shure.com.