lap steel handbuilt custom cypress

Sipsey River Steels is a one-man operation creating unique lap steels from local materials.

Photo by Corey Nolen, Shelby County Reporter

Columbiana, AL (October 17, 2009) -- Sipsey River Steels is a one-man operation out of Alabama that constructs lap steels from local cypress roots. We were alerted to the company's existence by the builder's brother George, who directed our attention to a local news article.

The Shelby County Reporter story says that Jack Dudley began building the lap steels at George's request, and now plans to take them to NAMM this winter. They've already garnered the attention of Australian musician Andrew Winton, who recorded a demo of one of the instruments on YouTube.

Each lap steel has a unique shape and sound based on the grain and size of the cypress root.

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