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Helmet’s Page Hamilton Rig Rundown [2024]
Rig Rundown: Helmet's Page Hamilton [2024]

Loyal, longstanding partnerships with ESP, DiMarzio, and Fryette have forged a foundational triumvirate of tone helping the underground alt-metal titan construct Meantime and Betty, tour in David Bowie’s band, and contribute to film scores for Heat and Catwoman.

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The durable but often maligned overdrive has thrived for more than 30 years. And not just on shredders’ pedalboards. Here’s why.

With over a million produced, the MT-2 Metal Zone is Boss’s second-most-popular overdrive ever—a significant accomplishment, considering Boss pedals have been ubiquitous for decades. I’ve got two Metal Zones. But, much like the late Rodney Dangerfield, the Metal Zone often “don’t get no respect.”

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Both stomps celebrate milestone anniversaries and will be available in June.

BOSS announces the release of limited-edition anniversary versions of the SD-1 Super Overdrive and MT-2 Metal Zone, two of the longest-running and most popular models in the company's leading lineup of compact effect pedals.
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