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The former B.C. Rich builder and Moser Custom Shop luthier opens his doors for guitar building classes

Los Angeles, CA (April 25, 2009) – Neal Moser, the man behind some of B.C. Rich's original guitars, is now offering personal and class instruction on how to build the guitars of your dreams. He will be holding two week seminars in both bolt-on and neck-through construction, along with offering weekend sessions on setup and inlay and one-on-one weekend sessions for more experienced builders.

The "Garage Guitar Building 101" two week seminar he will be teaching the basics of bolt-on neck guitar building. With the seminar Neal aims to address the needs of all levels of building, from putting together a "kit" guitar to building one from scratch.

In the "Custom Neck-through Guitar Building" two week seminar he will be teaching the advanced methods of neck-through guitar building. The seminar will also address the use of basic small production guitar building power tools such as band saws/re-saws, jointers, surface planers and hand routers. Those who complete the program are mean to come away with the knowledge necessary to build a neck-through guitar in their shop using the least amount of power tools possible.

Each two week seminar will host two to four students. Classes will be held between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday. For students attending from outside the local area, dorm-style housing is available at no extra charge.

In additional to the two week seminars, single weekend classes will also be offered on Saturday and Sundays in fret work and final setup. It will be open to up to four students per weekend. Personal "one on one" weekends for those who already build guitars but have specific questions about specific areas of guitar building are also available.

Pricing for the two week seminars is $1500 per student.
Pricing for the weekend class is $500 per student.
Pricing for ‘one on one” weekends is $700.

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