Eminence to Make More Than Speakers

Eminence Speaker LLC has announced it will supply OEM customers with turnkey guitar and bass amplifiers, PA cabinets and systems design. The term OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” and refers to the process of one company using another company’s products as a component of their own products. Eminence produces 10,000 loudspeakers a day and can be found in products made by top manufacturers around the world. The announcement means that not only will Eminence continue to provide top-quality loudspeakers for use in a wide range of products made by other companies, now they will also provide more components of those products for manufacturers, and even finished products.

The new venture involves a number of cabinet designs offered with an assortment of speaker and/or cosmetic options and private labeling. And, says Eminence President Rob Gault, “…we can take designs from our customer’s engineering departments and see them to completion. We will also be able to start simply from a customer’s idea, create a totally unique design for them and make the product a reality.”

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