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New Hot Stack Plus for Strat designed to deliver a Strat tone that''s beefier than vintage

Santa Barbara, CA (July 9, 2009) -- Pickup giant Seymour Duncan introduces the Hot Stack Plus for a hum-free Strat tone.

Like Duncan's Classic Stack Plus pickup, the Hot Stack Plus uses a top coil that is significantly larger than the bottom coil. This, together with the staggered, sand-cast, Alnico 5 pole pieces, and the custom wound, high-output coil, a hot and thick Strat tone can be delivered.

Duncan engineers explain that the top coil is shielded with a flux transfer plate which attracts hum and is designed to inject it into the much smaller bottom coil, whose sole purpose is to eliminate the hum. Simply put, the top coil gets the tone and the bottom coil kills the hum.

In addition to the unique design, Duncan uses a Helmholtz coil, a device designed for maximum hum cancellation. Duncan engineers are able to test the effectiveness of the Helmholtz coil through its magnetic field that accurately simulates the noise conditions found in a typical performance environment. This unique magnetic structure allows it to achieve extraordinarily low levels of 60-cycle hum.

• Stack - 20.26 K Ohms
• Single Coil - 13.93 K Ohms Inductance
• Stack - 9.8 Henries
• Single Coil - 3.25 Henries Impedance Peak
• Stack - 3.23 KHz
• Single Coil - 5.62 KHz Noise in Stack mode
• 20 HZ to 20 KHz -
• 400 Hz to 20 KHz -

MSRP: $110

For more info, visit seymourduncan.com.