rig rundowns

Rig Rundown: Matt Sweeney & Emmett Kelly (Superwolves)

A pair of peculiar pickers show off slimmed-down setups that swirl, snarl, and speak!

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Rig Rundown: Yungblud's Adam Warrington

Witness how light guitars produce big, chunky tones, thanks to a pair of blaring British-brawler amps and a hearty pedalboard.

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Rig Rundown: Intervals [2022]

The leading-edge guitarist introduces a sleek Schecter signature and continues maximizing RAM for tone with Neural DSP’s tablet-sized powerhouse.

Aaron Marshall loves guitar. “I make a living every day playing the electric guitar. My identity is built around this thing. I’ve been my own boss since 2015,” he declared in a 2021 PG interview.

Aaron Marshall believes in guitar: “Anyone who thinks the death of the electric guitar is upon us is very out of touch. You can’t hold its head underwater. The electric guitar is iconic. It’s not going anywhere.”

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