rocco prestia staccato 51 tc electronic bass amp head rh450

The Stacatto''51 is a custom-tuned version of TC Electronic''s RH450 designed with Rocco Prestia of Tower of Power

Risskov, Denmark (October 12, 2009) - TC Electronic has taken the bass amp world by storm with the award-winning RH450 bass head. Now, with the help of Tower of Power’s world-class bass player Rocco Prestia, TC is developing yet another bass head to deliver instant world-class bass tone: Staccato’51.

Think of legendary bass players and Francis Rocco Prestia features on every list. For over 40 years now Rocco’s bass has been underpinning the groove for Californian funk legends Tower of Power. In that time Rocco has defined his own style and become synonymous with the much-imitated ‘Finger Style Funk’ that he pioneered back in the ’60s and ’70s.

Now TC and Rocco have joined forces to make Staccato’51, a custom-tuned version of the RH450 that’s been made to Rocco’s exact specification and ear. It may look like the RH450 bass head, but the sound design is completely different and fits the demands of a legend like Rocco Prestia – both on stage and in the studio.

Rocco’s sound design on Staccato’51 fits his legendary finger-muting technique like a glove. The full-bodied tone with plenty of highs and lows as well as the ultra fast precision response enhances the percussive elements of Rocco’s playing to perfection.

In addition to the sheer tone shaping, Rocco has added a touch of TC’s SpectraComp™ per-string compression to tighten the sound even more. And finally a touch of TubeTone™ brings out the growl of Staccato’51 when really digging into those low-end notes with his powerful right hand technique.

To achieve perfect tone, Rocco pairs his Staccato’51 with a stack of TC cabinets – An RS410 and two RS212s – giving him both punch and enough low end to stand out on stage with the 10-piece Tower of Power band.

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