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PRS Guitars announces two new additions to the PRS family: the Starla Stoptail and the 59/09 Pickup.

Stevensville, MD (June 25, 2009) -- PRS Guitars announces two new additions to the PRS family: the Starla Stoptail and the 59/09 Pickup.

Starla Stoptail
The all new Starla Stoptail has the same retro-inspired vibe as its predecessor (the Bigsby fitted Starla model) with one noticeable difference: it features a two-piece, adjustable stoptail bridge that dramatically alters the look and feel. 

  • Solid mahogany body and neck
  • 24 ½” scale rosewood fingerboard
  • Dot inlays or optional bird inlays
  • Uniquely shaped black plastic pick guard
  • Volume pots
  • 3-way pickup selector
  • New color options: Vintage Cherry, Vintage Mahogany, Vintage Orange and Black, as well as the new metallic colors including Gold Sparkle, Silver Sparkle and the new metallic Hot Hues colors Twilight, Catalina Dream, and Sinful Cinnamon. 
  • Double-screw Starla treble and bass pickups

Starla Stoptail models are currently shipping to authorized PRS dealers worldwide.  

59/09 Pickup
The new 59/09 Pickup is the second model in the 1957/2008 series line of pickups. The 1957/2008 Series pickups utilize PRS exclusive wire, proprietary winding and magnet innovations that help produce iconic sounds but with unique tonality. The 59/09 is slightly darker and more powerful in the bridge than the first model in the series.

The 59/09 pickups will be available on select PRS models shipping in July to authorized PRS dealers.

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