steven van zandt

Steven Van Zandt and Scholastic put together a curriculum devoted to Rock ''n'' Roll. This is an effort to combat funding cuts in national school music programs.

Washington (November 13, 2007) -- Think back to the glory days of leather jackets and GTOs. It is 1979, and the Ramones just released the video for "Rock ''n Roll High School." You know it... the detention hall, the voices of rowdy students building over that single guitar chord, and then the drums kick in. Joey is standing at a chalkboard underlining "I don’t care about history!" It was rebellion at its best.

Fast forward 30 years and things are a little different. Now top rock bands are vying for the approval of Presidential candidates and music programs are taking a major hit from government legislation. Now we find ourselves wondering why there isn''t more music in schools --  Rock ''n Roll music, to be more precise. By now we know it can be a force of positive change.

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