Traben is releasing the traditional-looking Chaos International Bigger Bridge system

Chaos Internal Bigger Bridge system
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Clearwater, FL (February 14, 2008) -- The Traben Bass Company is introducing the all-new Chaos Internal Bigger Bridge system. The system provides Traben Bigger Bridge mass while presenting a more traditional appearance.

Traben Bass Company is committed to maximizing a bass’ sound and performance by using bridges that have more mass and bridge to body contact. The new design came about after players requested a slightly more traditional appearance with that bigger bridge performance (most Traben bridges are larger than industry standards).

The Chaos is smaller than a typical Traben bridge, but still provides the same mass as the Phoenix series (Traben’s biggest big bridge version). A portion of the mass is recessed under the top mounted bridge. Traben designed a special Internal Bridge to provide added mass and bridge to body contact. The external and internal bridges are tightly connected to each other as well as the body to maximize performance.

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