Pieces of rock history owned by Jimi Hendrix, John Entwistle, Dave Mustaine, Ted Nugent, Steve Vai, Scotty Moore, and more.

John Frusciante's Fender Jaguar
Though they were already the critical darlings of college radio, the Red Hot Chili Peppers' 1992 album Blood Sugar Sex Magik catapulted the SoCal foursome to true superstardom. The disc was chock-full of classic Peppers' jams, but it was the ballad "Under the Bridge" that really set the stage for their eventual world domination. Guitarist John Frusciante channeled his inner Hendrix (specifically "Little Wing") for the tune's intro and chord pattern to craft an enduring classic. This '66 Fender Jaguar is the guitar he used in the video. It's currently on display at the Hard Rock Cafe in Caracas, Venezuela.

Axes owned by Paul Kossof, Eric Clapton, Andy Summers, Marc Bolan and more.

"This stunning and sparkly 1956 Gretsch belonged to rockabilly/punk virtuoso Billy Zoom of X. Already a seasoned veteran when he joined the group, Billy brought a level of musicianship to X that other punk bands lacked. His wide-stanced, smiling stage presence and ability to play intricate, lightning-fast licks without ever looking at his guitar (Billy literally never even glances at his instrument during a show) has made him an underground icon and cult guitar hero. Billy has rocked vintage Silver Jets throughout Xуs three-decade career and is forever identified with these killer axes. Though often mistakenly labeled a solidbody, these old Jets are almost completely hollow. "