This compact, bass-friendly phaser offers a blend of simplicity, funk, and solid low end.

Long Island-based Pigtronix is barely a decade old, but their growing family of stompboxes has already garnered multiple accolades and a long list of notable bassists and guitarists using their wares. The company released a trio of bass-specific pedals this year and the new Bass Envelope Phaser reviewed here may be the most exciting of the pack. It’s smaller than Pigtronix’s older cousin, the Envelope Phaser, and is now tuned specifically for bass. We wanted to find out if the new Bass Envelope Phaser is able to bring the funk that has made its predecessor a favorite with those who favor the low.

Down and Dirty Even though it’s less than half the width of the original Envelope Phaser, this sturdy pedal seemed surprisingly light when first pulling it out of the box. There are no batteries permitted here: The Bass Envelope Phaser runs on an included 18-volt power supply. The outside of the box has a cool, retro aesthetic, but forward thinking is a pride point with Pigtronix and this pedal’s interior houses some clever engineering twists.

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