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Dreadbox FX | NAMM 2022

Dreadbox FX | NAMM 2022
Dreadbox FX Treminator Demo | NAMM 2022

Watch this demo of an interesting take on an otherworldly tremolo.


Dreadbox FX

TREMINATOR may look like a tremolo effect pedal, but it is a synthesizer in heart. With a very wide frequency range LFO, multiple wave shaping (including some very unique shapes, like staircase and bit crushed random generator), the tremolo effect is getting to a new dimension. There are more tricks in its sleeves, as it can be used as an Attack Decay pedal. Additionally, it is equipped with an LFO delay/fade function and it has a tap tempo. Last but not least, it can also control other gear with CV inputs/outputs or be controlled- making this a great partner for the rest of our pedal line.