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Measuring Up Micro Amps

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You’ve seen ‘em before, the pint-size Marshall stacks and Fender combos. They’re like mini monuments to your favorite tones, but taken to the next level—you can actually play them. And while they’re probably the last stop you’d make on your journey for tone, micro amps might just surprise you. We’re not suggesting that you budget $50 for your next touring rig and set yourself up with one of these little guys; we are suggesting that you might have a little fun in places your full stack just can’t go.

Have a desk job? They’re discrete enough to stand in as desk décor or a paperweight, proclaiming to your co-workers, “Hey! I play guitar,” all the while waiting for everyone else to go home so you can wail away in 1W, 9V-powered heaven. They’re also a good option if you want to rock out in the wilderness. Of course, their portability is useful for some gigs, like an electric version of the Naked Cowboy, or providing live elevator music. Kidding aside, we’ve really enjoyed spending some time with these little guys. Here’s our rundown.

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