PG's Chris Burgess is On Location in Frankfurt, Germany, for Musikmesse '09 where he visits the Lehle booth and talks with Burkhard Lehle. In this video segment, Burkhard walks us through several new products; Sunday Driver, P-Split and the Little Lehle. The Sunday Driver is a a high end preamp with a convenient compact format. It features JFET-based circuitry and provides two modes of operation: "D" stands for Driver; in this mode, the guitar signal is amplified, with absolutely no modification, at the input impedance of a guitar amp, efficiently eliminating losses on the route through leads and effects; the signal remains strong and clear, retaining its full dynamics. The second setting "S" - as in Sunday - multiplies input impedance by four.

The P-Split stands "passive splitting" with maximum signal fidelity, making it possible to route an instrument to two amps simultaneously. It also features phase-reversal and ground switches with gold-plated contacts, making it a passive high end DI Box for all signal types.

The Little Lehle a genuine True-Bypass Looper/Switcher. It can be used to manage an effect-loop, or as a simple A/B box.