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Frankfurt, Germany(April 8, 2011) -- PG's editors on the ground, Shawn Hammond and Charles Saufley, scoped out even more gear on day three of the show. Here's what caught their eye today.

Koch Amps debuted two affordable new hybrid amps that feature 12AX7-driven preamps, solid-state power sections, two EQ-sharing channels, and a boost function. The Startrooper (left) is voiced for higher-gain tones and features a custom Koch 12" speaker modeled after a Celestion Vintage 30. The Jupiter (right) has a 12" Jensen speaker with a neodymium magnet and is voiced for blues and rock tones. Both sounded remarkably tube-like from the floor of the show.

Ashdown Engineering's new MiBass head is available in ultra-light 220- and 500-watt versions and has a 7-band parametric EQ and four front-panel buttons (Active, Shape, and Deep). You can order it with a front panel in four different colors (black, blue, silver, or purple) or with one you design online at their website. The top one here was created using their online customizing app.

PG Gear Editor Charles Saufley dug the Lord of the Rings-style aesthetics of this Mesa/Boogie Mark V "Topteil" head and 1x12 Lone Star 23 "Gitarrenbox" cab on display at Boogie's Musikmesse 2011 booth.

Fender brings back the Super-Sonic series with the Super-Sonic 100 head, Super-Sonic 100 straight- and slant-front cabs, and the Super-Sonic Twin (shown here). The head and combo have unique new features such as Automatic Bias, Notch Tune, Arena/Club (for 25- to 100-watt operation), a Vintage channel based on Twin and Showman amps, and a Burn channel. Available in black and blonde covering.