PG's Joe Coffey is On Location at the 2009 New York Amp Show where he visits the Amp Lounge booth. In this segment, Frank LaMara walks us through several of their tone-saving products. The first gadget is called the Tone Bra, which is used to cover and muffle a speaker to give new speakers that vintage-esque sound and breakup. Also, we check out the Tone Skirt, which is a covering that can shield any or all of the four speakers in a 4x12 to limit output volume, but not hinder your tone. In addition, they have a speaker attenuator that is 100% reactive. Once again, it is designed for at-home players who still use a big setup and want that tube distortion, but don't want to be kicked out of their home or neighborhood. And the last thing we check out is the LA Custom Guitars Ty Tabor model that is said to be jokingly described as a "Lester" (a combo of a Tele and Les Paul).