Anaheim, CA(March 15, 2008) - These new professional DI boxes from Radial Engineering are now shipping: the ToneBone PZ-Pre, the Big Shot PZ-DI and the Big Shot MIX.

The PZ-Pre allows you to input two acoustic instruments and run a single line out. (The PZ-Pre works well with an electric, too) It has a boost switch that can also control an effects loop, a mute switch, an onboard EQ, a tuner out, PA outs and much more.

The PZ-DI allows you to control mulitple output signals for a guitar with a piezo pickup.

The MIX is like having recording console flexibility in a DI -- used with an effects pedal, you can actually control how much of the effect you want to use. In other words, it''s no longer all or nothing being sent out of a box, you actually mix the level separately from the effect itself. In addition to giving you ultimate control of your favorite effects, it also gives you the kind of tweak power that some great-sounding but not so transparent pedals can''t give you on their own.

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