One-Armed Guitarist

from YouTube

We can''t find much more info on S.J. Hall than these YouTube vids, but the guy''s one-armed guitar work is impressive. Check out all of the videos, posted this morning, here.

Lil'' Wayne on Guitar

The Life Files

A rapper with a guitar is a rare thing to see, so when Lil'' Wayne played on stage this weekend, the act garnered a lot of attention. Lil'' Wayne, one of the biggest names in rap today, didn''t impress everyone, however, with one blog calling him, "an atrocious guitar player." Both blogs have video of the performance, though they are plastered with annoying logos from the site that posted the video.

Of course, no discussion on rap and guitars is complete without a mention of Wyclef Jean. Here he is playing "911". It''s a long video, but he gets into it at 2:50, and plays with his mouth at 3:50.

And per reader''s request, Run DMC''s "Rock Box."

Guitar Lessons for Presidents

from Little Rock Jams

A Little Rock, Arkansas, guitar teacher is offering free guitar lessons for the presidential candidates when they come through the city. Why? "You can tell a lot about someone when they jam with you over a blues!" That, and it sure wouldn''t hurt business for the teacher.

Picks and CDs for Willie Nelson''s Birthday

Willie Nelson turns 75 on Wednesday (we''re giving you time to prepare -- pick up some Ben & Jerry''s, and whatever other vegetables you may require...). In celebration, a 4-disc CD compilation, One Hell of a Ride, was released at the beginning of the month, and his fan club members can get  commemorative guitar picks.