John Petrucci''s 2007-2008 Guitar Rig Videos

from YouTube

Here are two videos of John Petrucci''s rig from his 2007 summer tour with Dream Theater. The videos are originally from Mesa Boogie -- check out their website to see tons of other artist videos.

Game System Guitars

from Tech E Blog

These guys must be a tad more motivated than your average gamer. Presenting the NES Paul, along with a Dreamcast guitar, Sega Genesis guitar, and -- reaching way back -- a Nintendo Famicom guitar. Perfect for all of those guys on YouTube playing game themes on guitar.

Best Age to Play Guitar

from IG Blog

Going off of a cartoon that proposes that a guitarist''s peak coolness is at age 21, this middle-aged blogger debates how true (or false) that is. Keep an eye out for some great insight in the comments from guys far past that "coolest" age.