More Home Relic Jobs

from YouTube

With the long weekend, we thought you might want to work on relic''ing a guitar. So in addition to Electric Guitar Review''s homebrewed battering, we found this video series on YouTube. They put the latest video up this morning, which features the dude''s kids donating some dings and dents to the guitar.

Why Buy New?

from GearTrap

Are you a Craigslist/Gear Search/eBay hound looking for the best deal on some used gear, or are you a brand-new purist? This blog promotes the used idea.

Your Ears Know Him

from Courier Mail (Australia)

Louis Shelton is responsible for the hooks that get a number of songs in your head. Take the Monkees'' "Last Train to Clarksville" for example. Doo-Da, da-dun-dundun ... Do-da, da-dun-dundun... We can''t get enough. Here''s an interview with the man.