South by Southwest

South by Southwest Updates

Here are updates from Rolling Stone and the New York Times. Check out this write-up (includes vids) on a guitar/slide player who is definitely turning some heads down there.
Shred Kid

Pachelbel Canon Guy

from the LA Times

Remember that YouTube clip of the kid playing the classical shred piece in his bedroom that was/is ALL OVER the internet, wrong notes and all? The one you made fun of despite the fact that his video has been seen 40 million times and yours hasn''t -- yeah, that one. Here''s a piece about the kid and what he''s been up to.
Herman Li

Guitar Sound effects

from blender

Since we''re dishing clips today... here''s another one that has been seen millions of times: a primer on how to make some wacky noises with your guitar. (Shame on Dragonforce''s Herman Li for not crediting EVH with that elephant thing!)