Tesla Rocking

Tesla Coil Amp

from Engadget

Okay, so who hasn''t thought of modding a Tesla Coil for rocking? Talk about your ''Don''t try this at home'' projects...
Tal Wilkenfeld

Women Guitarists/bassists

from Some Australian Blog

Why don''t you see more women shredding or playing bass? This blog has no shortage of armchair sociologists, idiots and even intelligent people weighing in on the question.
Now would be a good time to point out Tal Wilkenfeld, perhaps the best up-and-coming bassist on the planet. Check out her performance backing Jeff Beck at Crossroads ''07

Jail Guitar Doors

Jail Guitar Doors

from jailguitardoors.org

Here''s a program that provides the use of guitars and other musical equipment for inmates doing time in a British pokey. We think this is great program. Hey, where would we be without Johnny & Merle?