Taylor Solidbody Guitars Review

July 10, 2008
A look at four Taylor SolidBody guitars
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John Prestia: Behind the Scenes in Nashville

April 10, 2008
Both a tonehound and a great player, John Prestia has found his niche in Nashville as guitar tech for Tim McGraw.
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Review: Carvin SH550

March 21, 2008
Had my neighbors glanced through my windows at the right moment they would’ve seen a strange sight – me walking around with a brand new Carvin SH550 strapped over
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Review: Boomerang E-155 Chorus-Delay Pedal

January 28, 2008
Boomerang''s Chorus-Delay offers presets,flexibility and more
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Review: SKB PS-55 stagefive Pedalboard

January 25, 2008
Heavy-duty pedalboard combines solid case making with pro electronics
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