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Shifting Gear: Patch Cable Considerations

February 15, 2011
Whether you call it a lead, a cord, or a cable, that shielded wire that links your guitar to your amp—and your music to your audience—is a vital link in your tone chain.
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Tips on Soloing

January 17, 2011
It’s well and fine to have a bag of tricky, fast licks that will impress other guitarists (and, of course, the ladies), but it’s a whole other deal to use that flash and technique while playing something people actually want to hear.
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Our Unbreakable Connection to B.B., Scotty, and Keith

November 16, 2010
As everything else progresses, we''re still using the same equipment of our predecessors
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Going for More Natural Tone Without Compression

October 20, 2010
Weaning off of compression and reaping the benefits
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Goodbye to Old, Outdated Gear

September 21, 2010
Refreshing your rig
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Sitting in with Tim McGraw Sideman Darren Smith

August 17, 2010
Tim McGraw''s guitarist talks to Rich about his career and his gear.
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When Disaster Strikes

July 20, 2010
Rich Eckhardt details the gear he lost (and recovered) in the Nashville floods
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Take Your Pick: Crafting Acoustic Variety with Your Hands

June 16, 2010
Changing up your sound by changing up your picking
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Television: the True Final Frontier

July 22, 2009
Some tips for playing on TV, so that you''ll be ready when your big break comes.
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America's Toughest Tour

June 17, 2009
We were wheels up out of Andrews Air Force Base on Tuesday, April 21, about to begin America’s toughest tour: the annual Toby Keith USO tour. With seven USO trips
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Let's Jump into the Fire: Recording Cottage City Firehouse

May 20, 2009
Rich Eckhard shares studio tips from the recording of his latest album
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Sitting In

April 21, 2009
How to sit in without butting in
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Acoustic or Electric? You Don’t Have to Choose

March 17, 2009
Spreading the love equally between electric and acoustic
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Recording with Reverb... The Big No-No!

February 16, 2009
Why you should never record with reverb
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Listen To Your Ears

January 15, 2009
Balancing your ears, in-ear monitors and stage monitors for a real feel of what the audience is hearing.
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Special Effects: My Early Experience With Effects Pedals

December 16, 2008
Rich Eckhardt remembers how effects molded his playing in the early days of his playing
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Find Em’, Keep Em’, Tweak Em’

November 11, 2008
Don''t let your old guitars gather dust!
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Pedals? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Pedals!

October 13, 2008
One of the greatest things about being a touring musician is having the opportunity to see, hear and play with some of the greatest guitarists on the planet. Over the
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Troubleshooting for the Biggest, Baddest Tour

August 15, 2008
Trials and tribulations on the Toby Keith tour
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