Thurston Moore Gets His Yuri Landman / Premier Guitar DIY Drone Guitar

June 9, 2016
Check out the new video footage of Yuri and Thurston chatting about the instrument’s unusual design, then watch Moore test the guitar at a gig the same night.
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DIY: Thurston Moore’s Drone Guitar Project

April 21, 2016
Dutch experimental builder Yuri Landman creates a microtonal avant-rock playground for the former Sonic Youth axeman.
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Yuri Landman Makeover: Flying Double Dutchman Crunch

DIY: Yuri Landman's Flying Double Dutchman Crunch Project

January 30, 2013
Experimental luthier Yuri Landman shows us how to turn a cheap axe into a raging sonic ghost ship with just a handful of parts and a generous helping of reckless abandon.
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