Noel Johnston

Noel Johnston

Hailing from Los Angeles via Sydney, Australia, Texas-based guitarist Noel Johnston teaches jazz guitar and improvisation at the University of North Texas. Along with albums under his own name, he has toured or recorded with such jazz, gospel, and blues luminaries as Kenny Wheeler, Gary Willis, Fred Hammond, and Lucky Peterson. He is the author of Voicing Modes and is an avid homebrewer and family man. For more information, visit noeljohnston.com.



Polyrhythms and the Movies

June 13, 2020
Wanna learn how Steve Buscemi and Jack Nicholson can improve your time-feel? Read on.
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Bach Jazz

Jim Hall’s Classical Chord Melodies

October 12, 2019
The link between Bach and jazz is closer than you think.
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Poindexter Blues

Poindexter at the Crossroads: The 5 Tonalities of the Blues

August 17, 2019
There’s way more to blues harmony than just major and minor.
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