A look at Eden bass amps with Mr. Eden himself

Mundelein, IL (May 8, 2008) - David Eden of Eden Electronics walks through the features of a number of high end amps, including the WTX260, the E300T, the WT800 and the WT550. Eden also discusses the design and construction of an Eden cabinet.

The WTX260 is particularly interesting, weighing in at 3.8 pounds while delivering up to 300 watts of juice. Believe or not, this amp is small enough to fit in your gig bag.

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Parlor dimensions and upscale appointments add up to a flattop that’s a pleasure to cradle.

Ultra playable, super comfortable, and great action. Beautiful design details. Sweet fingerstyle voice.

Pricey for an import.


Fender Paramount PS-220E



Fender’s new Paramount PS-220E Parlor is a million kinds of fun. For starters, imagine picking up a little old Stella tucked away in a dusty corner of a garage sale—only to find the action is perfect and the tuners actually work. Then consider the basic joys of any good little acoustic: how easy it is to hold, how light it is, how little room it takes up when you leave it sitting around the living room waiting for whatever spark of inspiration hits at random. The PS-220E dishes oodles of those small pleasures. And while the price isn’t exactly small for an imported instrument of this stature, the playability and versatility are equal to much more expensive instruments.

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Marty Stuart

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Gibson partners with the Everly Brothers family for a limited-edition acoustic guitar equipped with AA flame maple and capped with dual pickguards.

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