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GALLERY: L.A. Amp Show 2011

The latest boutique amps, guitars, and pedals on display at the annual Van Nuys gear gathering.

Satellite Ampsу Amplifireplace
"The Amplifireplace is Satelliteуs basic Neutron modelя18 watts, a pair of EL84s, a pair of 12AX7s, and a 5Y3 rectifierяwith a foursome of Celestion Vintage 8 speakers. рThe fireplace/bar part of it is from a 1970s hi-fi setup that a friend was going to trash,с says Grimm. рMy partner saved it, we restored the rotating light fixture for the fireplace, and cleaned up the rest of the cabinet to set the mood for the shop. We had to bring it to LA to show off.с"