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GALLERY: Guitars of the Stars, Volume I

See what guitars national touring acts rely on on the road. Photos by Chris Kies, Joe Coffey, Jason Shadrick, and Rebecca Dirks.

Joe Satriani
"Joe relied on his signature JS2400 Ibanez guitars for his solo tour supporting рBlack Swans and Wormhole Wizards.с The 2400 models feature a DiMarzio Pro Track in the neck right up against the last fret, to accommodate the extra space needed for the additional frets without changing the tone. The bridge pickup is a DiMarzio Moу Joe. Satrianiуs main guitar is the white production model. In the boat, Satriani has a red JS1200 with a Sustainiac pickup he uses on рWhyс and рWind in the Treesс and a prototype turquoise three single-coil Ibanez with a maple neck that he uses as a backup. The acoustic is Satrianiуs signature Ibanez JSA acoustic."