Jack Deville''s Buzzmaster fuzz is based in the classic germanium circuit, with higher gain for contemporary metal applications.

Portland, OR (February 16, 2010) -- Jack Deville Electronics has announced the Buzzmaster fuzz pedal as their latest release. Here's what the company has to say about the pedal:
Hand built by Jack Deville Electronics in Portland, Oregon, the Buzzmaster is born from classic germanium fuzz circuit topology, redefining all expectations of a classic fuzz pedal.

Discrete germanium design produces tones ranging from raunchy vintage overdrive to contemporary chewy-fur, even venturing into tight metal and doom territory, all while maintaining touch sensitivity, note attack, and natural decay.

The Buzzmaster's studio quiet operation and unique hi-gain germanium circuity make it a must have in every guitarists' arsenal.
Here's the company's demo of the pedal:

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