Robillard, Geils, Hamm & Beaudoin to Appear at PG Festival in Boston

Boston, MA (July 31, 2007) - Four more names have been added to an already beefy lineup of diverse guitarists appearing at the Premier Guitar Festival in Boston this September. Duke Robillard, J. Geils, Stu Hamm and Gerry Beaudoin will be at the festival along with Robben Ford, Johnny A, Muriel Anderson, Monte Montgomery, Frank Vignola, Mimi Fox, Bruce Arnold, Brad Carlton, David Hamburger, Jeff Scheetz, Trey Alexander and Jeff McErlain.

Duke Robillard is a guitarist, bandleader, songwriter, singer, producer and session musician whose presence within a 12-bar progression is both traditionally grounded and uniquely creative. His musicial journey has connected him with the likes of Bob Dylan, Dr. John, the Fabulous Thunderbirds and more... and he''s just getting started. Robillard won the W.C. Handy award for "Best Blues Guitarist" two years in a row.

J. Geils is a blues rock guitarist best known for his work with the J. Geils band. Geils'' chops are also legendary in jazz circles. People in Boston have been talking about his blues slide for four decades now. Geils has been there and done that: number one hits, world tours, awards and was a fixture on MTV from day one. Geils is regarded as one of the most knowledgable and experienced rock guitarists around.

Stu Hamm is a bass phenom known for complimenting guitarists like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. His ability to play piano-like solos on four strings stunns audiences... total views of youtube video clips of his performances are approaching one million! Hamm travels the world performing and teaching master classes. Critics routinely describe the task of emulating his chops to be impossible.

Gerry Beaudoin is a jazz guitarist who has recorded with John & Bucky Pizzarelli, Frank Vignola and Andy Summers. Known as a guitarists'' guitarist, he is in high demand for session work and clinics. He has won numerous awards and was described as "One of New England''s premier jazz guitarists" by Just Jazz Guitar Magazine.

Beaudoin, Robillard and Geils record and perform as New Jazz Summit, a highly acclaimed combo that plays sold out shows across the country.

Thousands of guitar enthusiasts will be in attendance at the Premier Guitar Festival in Boston, including players, manufacturers, custom builders, instructors, and music industry representatives. Participants will get a chance to sharpen their skills at a number of concerts, clinics and jam sessions covering everything from playing lead & rhythm, improvising, composing & recording, etc. within a full range of musical genres.

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Duke Robillard

J Geils

Stu Hamm

Gerry Beaudoin

New Guitar Summit

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