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Electric Eye Audio Releases the Mud Killer

Electric Eye Audio Releases the Mud Killer

Mud killer as the name says kills the mud. Controls how many unwanted frequencies enter before the distortion of the amp or pedal, which leaves the tone "muddy". Creating an extremely sharp, cutting edge, tight bass with lots of gain. Good for Modern Metal in low pitches and special options for rock and blues.

The pedal is designed to be placed before the main distortion, whether it is from amplifiers or pedals. Plus: A special feature, it can swap the channel of your amp while you engage the pedal.

Each pedal offers:

Tone: Cut or increase high mid frequencies

Post gain: Is the output Volume

Pre gain: Controls the Amount of OverDrive

Mud control: controls how much of the (muddy) bass frequencies pass before the pre-gain stage

Comp Switch: offers the choice between two forms of compression to the right deliver more gain and a looser tone, with the key positioned to the left, it will deliver a tighter tone with less output. (Silicon Diodes)

1/4" jack for a channel for Amp channel switching

Mini switch to change the orientation of the amp switcher normally open or closed.

on/off Switch - Bypass the overdrive section, making the sound absolutely clean.

Mud Killer - Modern Overdrive/Boost

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