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Salt Box Workshop Unveils the Spite Box Fuzz

Salt Box Workshop Unveils the Spite Box Fuzz

The first offering from Baltimore-based Damnation Audio and Baltimore Sonic Research Institute with proceeds going to help fund local Baltimore school music programs.

The new brand, Salt Box Workshop, is a nod to the iconic salt boxes found on Baltimore’s neighborhood street corners. Their first offering is the Spite Box, a unique fuzz for both guitar and bass players that features a complex textured octave preamp and a focused bass boost designed to deliver powerful tones.

A portion of the proceeds from every Spite Box sold will go directly to public school music programs in and around Baltimore. Founders Jeff Davis of Damnation Audio and Dave Gill of Baltimore Sonic Research Institute believe music education in public schools is critical to inspiring the next generation of players and providing better quality gear and funds for maintenance is a big step in giving kids the tools they need to succeed.


• All analog circuit design

• Salt Box Workshop’s unique DEPTH control that boosts bass while attenuating muddy frequencies

• True bypass switching

• Rugged powder coated and UV-printed enclosure with whimsical salt box-inspired graphics

• All through-hole components for ease of service and long-term reliability

The initial run of Spite Box pedals is available now from Salt Box Workshop at for $199 + shipping.