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Vs Audio Effects Unveils the BlackBird Deluxe

Vs Audio Effects Unveils the BlackBird Deluxe

A pedal designed to generate the iconic brown panel-style drive.

The BlackBird Deluxe has the same medium gain as the original BlackBird with natural compression and dynamic touch sensitive character. An added Channel switch to choose between Normal and Bright channel like the original ’61 Deluxe amp. Plus a true bias tremolo, using MOSFET and JFET technology that modulates the bias voltage of the output stage of the pedal, the same way that the famous power tube bias tremolo circuit behaves. Bias tremolo is considered by many to be the most liquid and watery of all the tremolo types due to its natural, pulsating character. Its touch-sensitive dynamic response allows to control the tremolo effect with your picking dynamics or your guitar’s volume knob with overdriven sounds, capturing the tone and behavior that makes the Brown Deluxe great.

BlackBird Deluxe flexibility doesn’t end here. A dual mode Bypass switch selects between the Low Gain mode that delivers softer edge of breakup response while the High Gain adds more edge and higher output. Placing the BlackBird Deluxe further down your effects chain reveals its ability to function like a true preamp, an additional passive effects loop also grants versatile rig-integration options and lets users employ each side independently in a pedalboard friendly size format.

BlackBird Deluxe available now at selected dealers worldwide, with street price of 229.00€.