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Wee Thunder Amps Announces Blood Orange

Wee Thunder Amps Announces Blood Orange

Featuring a 12AX7 tube, 3-band EQ, and true bypass switch, this pedal is designed to deliver versatile tone control and stage-worthy durability.

"We chose to base our pedal on one of the best tube-driven bass amps ever made, the AD200B. From full, powerful cleans to beautiful harmonic break up to full out fuzz this pedal covers it all. To build a true amp in a box we run a 12AX7 tube at 250vdc, full tube amp voltage, and use MalloryMl50 and Silver Mica signal capacitors just like you would see in a real, high-end tube amp."

  • 3 Band EQ for total tone control
  • True Bypass on/ off switch
  • 9-volt operation with standard DC input
  • Solid aluminum housing for stage-worthy durability

The Blood Orange has a street price of $355 CAD with a JJ 12AX7 tube included or$325 CAD if you have your own stash of tubes. The pedal can be purchased directly with free shipping on all pedal orders.

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Blood Orange Bass PreAmp/Overdrive Pedal