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OPFXS Unveils the Electric Vibe

OPFXS Unveils the Electric Vibe

The Electric Vibe aims to revive the iconic vibe tones as well as explore new sound routes.

OPFXS revisits the classic vibe effect in a compact pedal form with extended and unique features.

The Electric Vibe aims to revive the iconic vibe tones as well as explore new sound routes. The envelope functions allow to get a dynamic response from the effect with the modulation reacting to strumming and string-picking intensity.

The auxiliary input permits to connect an expression pedal, a footswitch for tap tempo or bypass the pedal while still using the internal preamp.

Three types of wave can be selected: triangle, pulse, and sine. Sine wave can be set into trigger mode allowing for perfect in-time modulation.

The Electric Vibe features 3 knobs for Level, Speed, and Depth. Four toggle switches for Vibrato/Phaser selection, LFO Wave type, and engage the Envelope Speed and Depth functions.

One multi-function micro switch allows to invert the envelope ramp and access knobs secondary functions of Decay time and Envelope Level.

It is intended for guitar players in search of classic tones but who are also open to experiment a bit further.

It offers the following features:

  • ​3 knobs for Level, Speed, Depth, and secondary functions of Decay and Envelope Level
  • 4 toggle switches to select Dry ON/OFF, LFO wave types, Envelope Speed, and DepthON/OFF
  • 1 micro multi-function switch to invert envelope and access secondary knobs functions
  • 1 multi-function input for expression pedal, tap tempo, remote bypass, or Control Voltage
  • True bypass onboard footswitch with blue LED indicator
  • Green LED indicator for checking modulation rate and intensity
  • Standard 9-volt DC input

OPFXS Electric Vibe Phaser/Vibrato

The Electric Vibe carries a price of €195. It’s available at select retailers and can also be purchased directly from OPFXS online store.

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