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NAMM 2023: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with Danish Pete Honoré

"There's no money in non-diatonic notes!"—a validating cheeky word to the minor-pentatonic shredder guests at NAMM. In this ep, Rhett and Zach sit down with "Danish Pete" Honoré to talk NAMM highlights, geek out on Pete's new Chapman T-style signature guitar—it has a neck profile based on a 3D scan of his favorite—and discuss maintaining integrity in gear review videos.

NAMM 2023 Recap with Danish Pete Honoré

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One of the best parts of NAMM is the industry community it assembles, and in the absence of the full-fledged convention the past few years, that sure has been missed. Danish Pete's puckish personality adds to the fun as the three guys get into other topics like Zounds Industries' acquirement of Marshall, various amp favorites, and the sea of purple guitars found at the convention. That's all after Pete shares that he no longer cries in the shower over the demands of his 25-year touring career (sometimes, he wishes he played more non-diatonic notes). Stay positive, Pete!