Providence Effects Get North American Distribution

Godlyke named as exclusive North American Distributor for Providence brand effects and accessories

Clifton, NJ (December 11, 2009) -- Godlyke, Inc. is proud to be named as the exclusive North American Distributor for Providence brand effects and accessories. One of Japan’s most lauded brands, Providence products are used by such notable artists as Gus G of the Ozzy Osbourne Band and Robben Ford.

All Providence products are created to provide solutions to situations that musicians encounter in their daily work. In order to deliver the tone and performance the pros demand, Providence spares no effort in testing and re-testing internal wiring layout and all other factors to ensure that each product delivers uncompromised performance. Leading musicians and engineers are involved from initial product development right through final evaluation. Development and testing go far beyond basic reliability and electrical characteristics, with critical attention paid to “musicality” as well.

Godlyke will launch the Providence effects line in winter of 2009. In early 2010, Godlyke will begin to offer other Providence products such as their cables and signal routing units. Currently available effect models include the following:

ADC-3 Anadime Chorus – Lush, warm analog chorus - used by Gus G. Single-contact True Bypass Switching. List/Street: $299.00
FBT-1 Final Booster – Transparent clean boost with “Vitalizer” circuit. List/Street: $199.00
HBL-2 Heat Blaster – High-gain, rich harmonic distortion with fast attack. Single-contact True Bypass Switching. List/Street: $249.00
PHF-1 Phase Force – Analog Phaser with built-in “Vitalizer” circuit. List/Street: $249.00
SDR-4 Sonic Drive – Responsive overdrive with excellent definition and note balance. Single-contact True Bypass Switching. List/Street: $249.00
SOV-2 Stampede Overdrive – delivers natural, transparent overdrive – used by Robben Ford. Single-contact True Bypass Switching. List/Street: $249.00
VLC-1 Velvet Compressor – Low-noise analog compressor with wide range of attack and sustain options. Single-contact True Bypass Switching. List/Street: $249.00

All Providence products will be sold exclusively through the Godlyke homepage.

For more information:

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