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Seymour Duncan Pickup Stories

Seymour Duncan tells about his first pickup repair, developing pickups for Jeff Beck, alnico magnets, and fixing Blackie.

Fort Wayne, IN (June 5, 2008) -- It''s a rare opportunity to get to listen to an industry pioneer riff on both his early days and the technical aspects of his work. This is exactly what we were treated to with Seymour Duncan at GearFest. Here''s a few video highlights of his hour-long talk.

First, Seymour told the harrowing tale of his first pickup repair. The moral of the story? Don''t let anyone borrow your guitar!

Then, he recounts working with Jeff Beck to develop his very first humbucker:

Seymour also worked with Eric Clapton on Blackie; he shares his experience on how different tolerance potentiometers changed the sound of the guitar:

He also talked about Alnico magnets and what different magnets do to your tone, and how he used a toy train to learn about DC voltage:

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