andrew stockdale

“What we need is just guitar, bass, and drums,” says Andrew Stockdale. “That’s when this band sounds most exciting and most dynamic. If you have too many people in the band, you can’t jam.”
Photo by Debi Del Grande

The alpha guitarist on building riffs, calling the shots, and borrowing mega-rock-producer Brendan O’Brien’s guitars for his band’s new album, Victorious.

One might need a flow chart (or perhaps an abacus) to keep score of the various incarnations of the Australian stoner-psychedelic rock band Wolfmother. In its still relatively brief existence, since forming in 2004, the group has seen only guitarist and frontman Andrew Stockdale remain a constant presence, with bassist/keyboardist Chris Ross, rhythm guitarist Aidan Nemeth, and drummers Dave Atkins, Will Rockwell-Scott, Elliott Hammond, and Hamish Rosser passing through its revolving doors.

After releasing two blistering, fuzz-riff fueled albums—2005’s eponymously titled debut and 2009’s Cosmic Egg—under the Wolfmother moniker, Stockdale briefly ditched the band concept altogether, issuing 2013’s Keep Moving as a solo album, despite the studio contributions of current group members Ian Peres (bass, keyboards) and Vin Steele (drums).

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