baroni lab

With remarkably tube-like responsiveness and nice extras, this class-D amplifier-and-distortion-box combo packs impressive punch.

For a long time, your average guitarist would only discuss a little solid-state or digital amp like the Mini Amp 50 stompbox from Baroni Lab in Genoa, Italy, in the context of using it as a backup should their badass tube amp bite the dust mid-gig. But quality designs like Baroni’s latest class-D offering now make the prospect much more intriguing for both practicality’s sake and tone’s.

With an output of 40 watts at 8 ohms, a speaker-simulated out, an effects loop, a 3-band EQ, and a pre-loop footswitchable distortion circuit, the Mini boasts full-range fidelity—with healthy bass and sparkling trebles and upper mids—and a tube-like responsiveness that’s somewhere between a brawny “American” design and a lower-powered “British” flavor. That said, with master cranked, the Mini breaks up and gets about as loud as a similarly set tube amp of half its wattage.

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