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An affordable—and surprisingly light—1x15, 200-watt combo delivers big, vintage Ampeg-style tones with a distinct SVT bent.

SVT boom in a small package. Headphone and aux capabilities on a larger amp. Lightweight. External speaker output increases flexibility.

Limited distortion channel. No tweeter. No DI volume control.


Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-115


Even though Ampeg has made amplifiers based on modern, lightweight technology for years, to many of us the brand represents the gold standard of vintage bass tone. When an engineer or artist asks you to provide an Ampeg sound in the studio or on a gig, they usually want the unmistakable low-mid thump of a B-15 or the unparalleled sub-lows and top-end grit of a ’70s era SVT with tubes that have been cooking for a few hours. So, whenever I try any new product from Ampeg, those sound standards are at the fore of my imagination. The 200-watt Rocket Bass RB-115, from Ampeg’s new Rocket line of combos, captures the essence of many of those foundational Ampeg tones in an amp that’s easy on the wallet, easy to use, and even surprisingly easy to carry.

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