A comfortable, compact 12-string of many musical moods.

A sweet, smooth player that generates equally honeyed and balanced tones. Beautiful finish. Compact, comfortable dimensions.

Breedlove styling isn’t for everyone. Expensive for an import flattop.


Breedlove Solo Pro Concert Edgeburst 12 CE


Breedlove’s current site page for theSolo Pro Concert Edgeburst 12 CE takes an almost apologetic view of acoustic 12-strings. It’s funny. But it’s also hard to tell if they’re kidding or serious. I will put forth the notion, however, that acoustic 12-strings are nothing to apologize for. Acoustic 12-strings are awesome. They can be celestial or funky and earthy. Rhythm guitar powerhouse, mutant harpsichord, melody machine—decent acoustic 12-strings are all these things. Even trashed, cheap 12-strings will usually make cool sounds if you tune them right.

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